Ali Azhar.

Born with a multi-ethnic background, Ali Azhar was destined to stand out from the crowd since day one. In addition to growing up in family of engineers from India, Azhar is also the grandson of a carpenter from the Island of Haiti. With ingenuity running through his veins it's no wonder that Azhar learned the value of working with his hands at a very early age. His earliest memories are of taking things apart and trying to figure out ways to fix them and make them better. As Azhar got older he realized that he most likely would not become an engineer like his brothers and chose to focus more on his creative skills. “I’ve always had an eye for design and I have always been good with my hands. So I guess it was only natural that my path led me down the road to be a designer and Co-host of HGTV’s Design on a Dime,” said Azhar. His role requires him to be well versed in design, but at the same time a skilled carpenter and furniture builder who is creative and resourceful enough to create projects that have a high-end look without the high-end price tag.

Over the years Azhar has filmed over 78 episodes of Design on a Dime serving as a driving force behind the quality makeovers on each show. With the constant challenge of constructing a room on a budget, each episode ignites the creative juices and requires Azhar to maximize his problem solving skills. Aside from his interest in residential design, Azhar also enjoys the challenge working with commercial clients at his Interior design consulting firm Alive Design llc .When not filming; Azhar can be found designing a new piece for his line of sustainable and environmentally friendly furniture or putting the finishing touches on one of his tile mosaic masterpieces.

Recently, Azhar has been featured in the pages of Shore magazine. They named him a “Chicago Style Icon”. CS magazine then chose him for their “Men of Style” issue, which has started Ali in the new career of modeling. From host to designer and now model, Ali is filled with energy and excitement and is always looking for new challenges.